Keywords Manya project, the Internet is the most important tool in order to provide detailed informationabout the websites.

Keywords Manya project sites to promote their own web site owners the right to givethanks to the software engineers have developed software algorithm has the ability to provide information about the site automatically. Thanks to Manya keywords for a website you can see the following information

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Why do I need register ?

To learn your web sites value and statistics information on the internet. To learn how your web site is found by key words on the internet.

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What s Validation Status..

It is a web design standard set by web site which is World-known and world- acceptance. You can check your web site's codings are suitable for this sta..

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What is Backlink?

It's mean to direct link to your web site from other web sites. An example , I give my web site footballer pictures link.

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What is Outlink

It is opposite of backlink. If I give a link from my web site to another web site.This is outlink for me.

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What is Pagerank?

Pagerank method was found by Google to show web site’s popularity.When this methods created , Google used the link between web sites.

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What is Other web sites i..

Other web sites in server which your web site located , if they are registered in, it is shown in this part.

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Visitors according Countr..

People’s information is kept who analyses your web site in the You can learn from this information which country does visitor come from and ..

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What is Search engine sta..

You can learn how many pages of your web site are saved by searching engines and how many links get from where . When your web site statistics are updated,you ..

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